How Long Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Take

How Long Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Take

To get pet odor completely out of your home, engaging the services of a professional carpet cleaner is a very good option. So, how long does professional carpet cleaning take should be the next question that races through your mind? After all, you need to ensure that family members are able to move around freely in the shortest possible time among other considerations.

Typically, it takes a qualified professional cleaner between 15 to 20 minutes per room to get your carpet sparkling again. However, so many factors may combine to either shorten or increase the amount of time required and they include:

  1. Dirtiness: How long it takes to clean a carpet is determined by its dirtiness. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the dirtier a carpet is, the more cleaning time it requires regardless of how fast a cleaner claims to be. This explains why it takes a professional carpet cleaner a shorter period of time to get the job done so long as this is done on a regular basis. It is good practice to get onto a cleaning schedule with a 12 to 18-month duration.
  2. Amount of Furniture: There is no disputing the fact that you cannot find the same amount of furniture in every home. When there is so much furniture to move around during the carpet cleaning process, it definitely makes the process take longer time. To get around this challenge, homeowners with lots of furniture are advised to move them to a particular corner and make the cleaning period shorter. You benefit from doing this as the carpet cleaner gets on with the business of cleaning rather than having furniture moved around.
  3. Method: Equally important is the method employed in cleaning your carpet. While your aim is to get the carpet cleaned as quickly as possible, there are a few other things to have in mind. For instance, should the need for deep cleaning arise, it is important to go for steam carpet cleaning. The time this takes cannot be compared for other methods that focus on the maintenance of your carpet. Put simply, it is not always about how long a professional cleaner takes in getting the job done.

The 3 factors listed above go a long way in determining how long it takes to have your carpet cleaned. A great company will get the job done within an hour or 90 minutes. Other companies might take longer to clean the carpets. Or they might be faster. It just depends. Feel free to find out from a professional carpet cleaner whose services you wish to engage in how long the entire process will take upon arrival at your home or during the estimate.

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